This is Me....

My life is built on the experience that in God's will and grace I find my fulfillment and happiness! 

I am Br. Anthony Freeman. A religious of the Legion of Christ who is studying for the priesthood. But you could gather that by looking at my driver's license...(also that I am a Louisiana-born Texan)

This is what's inside me:

  • I believe God has created me from all eternity with a specific mission in mind.
  • I want to change the world by forming apostles and evangelizing culture.
  • I want to inspire others through my personal testimony.
  • I am passionate about helping leaders become apostles...and apostles leaders.
  • I am especially inspired by; Fulton Sheen, Lila Rose, and Tim Tebow. 

What I am up to...besides studying

Vatican Spiritual Guide

I am a firm believer in the transcendence of art. Being blessed to live in Rome I love showing others the symbolic-religious meaning behind many masterpieces of the Vatican! Feel free to contact me if you are coming to town!

Leadership Coaching

Together with the team of Elevare, I am assisting with the development of a program of Leadership Coaching for Priests and Catholics.

Sacerdos Institute

I am helping with the development of Sacerdos Institute, which is part of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum and is dedicated to the ongoing formation of Catholic Priests.

Catholic Motivation

I am producing Catholic Motivation material for the Instagram accounts of @entrepreneur_catholic & @catholicmotivation

Let me know if you would like to collaborate!

Contact Me

Want to support my mission?

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#1. by shopping at amazon through this link. It doesn't matter what you buy but if you get to amazon through this link I will get credit.

#2 Or you can donate directly to my seminary by clicking on the image above. Thank you!